Adobe XD Plugins — A Few Suggestions to Make Your Job Easier

Adobe XD was not be my first choice among the app I used for designs when published first. But developed fast and now Adobe XD is my first choice. In the beginning, one of the reason I did not use was there is insufficient number and variety of plugins. But XD plugins have come a long way as like as app itself.

I decided to share some plugins that I use. Some other time I tell why I am using Adobe XD too, maybe.

Good readings…

Lorem Ipsum

Lorem Ipsum is one of the best friends of designers. With this plugin, instead of going to every time, I can quickly fill text boxes with Lorem Ipsum when needed. There are also various settings in the plugin, you can use them to place them the way you want.

Download: Adobe XD Lorem Ipsum Plugin


You can create confetti effects with texts, shapes etc. In other words, you can randomly scatter the selected element around. When I see for the first time, I think “Why would I do such a thing?”. But, in some point I used plugin for a design and loved it.

For example I created this image in about 15 seconds.

Download; Adobe XD Confetti Plugin

List Plugin

Have you ever tried making a bullet list in Illustrator? If you tried, you understood what I try to say. Here’s the same feeling in Adobe XD. This plugin is using for this situation. It turns the texts you have selected into a list by putting dots/apostrophes at the beginning.

Please use.

Download; Adobe XD List Plugin

Stock Image

I need stock images, you need stock images, everyone is. Not maybe today, but tomorrow. :)

With this plugin, you can import a stock image from Adobe Stock. Choose a shape, make a search from the plugin, choose an image an ta da! Your shape has an image now!

There are too many alternative plugins but I am using Stock Image plugin because of plugin have better performance compared to others.

Download; Adobe XD Stock Image Plugin

Image Optimizer

It can be said that I use this plugin frequently. Especially when delivering the design (it can be via the airship, it can be a direct XD file delivery) I prefer to deliver the visuals in the design by optimizing. Actually, this is my personal preference. Even if you don’t.

Download; Adobe XD Image Optimizer Plugin

There is more plugin I used of course. but if we make a sorting, these are the Adobe XD plugins that I use the most. In the future, I will share other plugins I use or new plugins I discovered.

See you for now.

Thanks for reading.




Senior User Experience Designer at Arçelik

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Selçuk Avcı

Selçuk Avcı

Senior User Experience Designer at Arçelik

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